About us

  • alfanar Steel, founded in 1994, is a specialized subsidiary business unit of alfanar Construction Co and is specialized in a variety of steel structural fabrication and installations.
  • It is primarily involved in the designing, engineering, fabrication and installation of steel structures for various kinds of infrastructure related to electrical power transmission & distribution and communication systems, industrial and building sector.
  • alfanar Steel takes an engineering approach to every job, instituting system and technology that ensure quality and cost efficiency. Attention to coordination, control and scheduling helps minimize waste and maximize output.
  • Banking on its success and backed by the trust of its customers, alfanar Steel has further resolved to go an extra mile in providing services of highest quality to its valued clientele, exceeding their expectations.

    Business Portfolio

  • alfanar Steel provides total steel structure solutions-right from designing and manufacturing to installation- for electrical power transmission and distribution, communication & broadcasting projects and other related fabrication works.
  • With time, alfanar Steel has specialized in carrying out contract works based on turn-key solutions in the following areas:
  • Power Generation / Plant Structure
  • Transmission Lines & Substation Structures
  • Communication & Broadcast Towers
  • Industrial & Commercial Structures

Quality Control

  • For alfanar steel, quality means delivering the best products and services to its customers; and to achieve quality and excellence, each and every resource of alfanar Steel is applied to its optimum level. Due to the quality-driven and timely execution of its projects, alfanar Steel enjoys an excellent reputation with its clients and main contractors.
  • Importance is given to the following areas:

    • Measure customer satisfaction through surveys
    • Regular customer requirements and complaints analysis
    • Internal & external audits
    • Continuous improvement


    Occupational Safety

  • At alfanar steel, safety is always a primary concern, a key value that is fundamental to our culture. We have a healthy safety record which is attested by our position of being consistently in the top bracket of companies following the highest safety norms demanded by the industry.
  • We believe in regular safety training programs forthe workforce at sites pledging to take all-out measures in the implementation of our Safety Program at our work sites in conformance with the requirements of our client's Safety and Loss Prevention Program.

  • "No major accidents during 2000-2008"